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Andrew Chris & MIC: Music Industry Connected

At Pittsburgh-based company, MIC: Music Industry Connected, I coordinated the work of a 16-person team to earn press coverage for the artist Andrew Chris. Here are some reviews and interviews we landed for Andrew.



"Touting a landscape of synthesizer textures, this track oozes nostalgia..." -- Vic, Drop The Spotlight



"Andrew and I had a great conversation about his latest releases, including a single called Floatin’ and an album titled Studio Rat, his studies in film, a video series creation dedicated to the evolution of fuzz tone, and more." -- Robonzo, Unstarving Musician



Heather Kelly chose singer/songwriter Andrew Chris as her Artist of the Month. Andrew describes his full creative process from writing, recording, and producing his music. Songs include Bike, Daydream, and The Groove.


"New Indie is a playlist presenting 10 of the best recent indie tracks for your own pleasure hand-picked by Last Day Deaf."

Screen Shot 2022-10-05 at 12.35.38 PM.png


"It creates a very calming yet unsettling unsteadiness that layers beautifully with the repeated refrain of the chorus." - Matt Miles, Yack! Magazine

Unknown copy_edited_edited.jpg


"This song would be perfect to listen to while you’re driving or biking around the city, where you can really feel the intensity of the wind on your face and in your hair."

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