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In managing the independent Alt-Rock & Punk band, Sh'Bang, from Philadelphia, I fulfilled a number of roles: booking shows, earning press coverage, overseeing and strategizing marketing releases, and co-managing social media. In my year and a half of hands on managing I:

  1. Created an LLC and stared a business bank account for the band

  2. Established publishing royalties’ collection (ASCAP, SongTrust, DistroKid, SoundExchange)

  3. Average Spotify monthly listeners increased from 22-1,040 ; increased Spotify followers from 17-132

  4. Song streams rose consistently, 5+ songs with more than 1,000 streams & lead-single “Make-Up Sex” accruing 5,514 streams

  5. 290 true followers gained on Instagram during time of management

Below are some PR placements I landed for Sh'Bang.


Make-Up Sex (Lyric Video)

Just a taste of Sh'Bang's music -- music video created by lead singer and bassist, Noah Fluck!

Screen Shot 2022-10-05 at 12.35.38 PM.png


Yack! Magazine ("Sex Files" EP Review & Interview)

"This is a unique sound that is tender but tough. It is harder than rock, and more powerful than punk, but at its core is a lyrical and poetic honesty that is incredibly rare."



Hugh Shows (First/Last Interview)

"Be safe, have fun, call if you need Bail Money." -- Sh'Bang, The Woman Who Changed the World



Rattler Magazine ("Sex Files" Press Release)

"Combining four wildly different sounds, tastes, and personalities and crafting them into something both new and familiar."



A&R Factory ("Bail Money" Review)

"Any fans of Neutral Milk Hotel, AJJ, Harley Poe, and Amigo the Devil will get caught up in the soulfully electric eminence of the single..." -- Amelia Vandergast, A&R Factory

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