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Idolatry, Envy, & Genius

Updated: Apr 19, 2023


A beaming sun spills down on cobblestone along the bank of the Siene River. I write feverishly in my notebook.

You can envy someone else’s things. Achievements, belongings, positions. Those are given by someone or something else, like money, which is ultimately given to or taken from someone else. But to envy someone else’s mind? To envy their thoughts, to compare a perceived perspective. Is there any sense to this?

For one to wish that they could think like a genius, without ever truly knowing how it is for a genius to think. We see the things what genius makes, or the things they have done. But these are only achievements: thoughts actualized by hard work, paid for with time. To think like a genius seems like a currency of belief; a process of allowing yourself to believe there is genius in you.

Like any other talent, it must be honed. My working thesis is that done through the practice of thinking differently, being hyperaware of your surroundings -- what my teacher called seeing rather than looking – and searching for meaningful messages around you and in connection to the rest of your mind.

All these conclusions are really just this question and its follow-up: Can I think like (as) a genius does, and if so, how? Those who I consider that call me to join them, and many who are not preach “realism, realistic expectations”. Reality is at the core of my thoughts, particularly in its subjectivity and malleability. Can we truly be anything we want to be? Do anything we set our mind too, as so many before me have said?

Perhaps there is genius in its literal form, as a level of IQ. Then there is genius in its subjective form, like art or the movement of thought by other means. The latter is the type of genius I am particularly interested in. And I believe that I can produce something with genius in it; something with enough thought-moving ability for someone else to call me a genius. And perhaps this is only my necessary belief, and necessarily it must be coupled with diligent and intelligent action. Such a thought would make me believe that anyone could express genius within themself, because I am not different from them. But then again, we are all different from each other, despite the commonality of our species. I imagine those geniuses who come to my mind differed from their peers before accomplishment. Perhaps I am not the one to ask about my own commonality among others. But then, by nature of our individuality,

Who is?

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