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A Poem Dedicated to Dylan Thomas’s Library

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

On and on time strolls.

At times over bumps and knots,

At times over bones.

In some sense its inhabitants always roll over

Those who once animated their bones.

Their hills, their parks, their libraries.

Because on and on time strolls, but like a clock,

It’s held in captivity of relativity.

The way 12:30 relates to 2:45,

As a matter of degrees and hours passed,

So too does time as a continuum

Show patterns of relativity among human events.

Circumstances’ meanings repeat as their specificities evolve.

Relationships stay much the same over time and place,

Though language tends to develop.

Life is full of specificities existing within long-lasting truths. Physics to religion.

It was a thought I had before I read East of Eden.

But come to think of it, my realization

Is just another example of the realization

Of our ever so connected human experience.

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