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Our Rooms Are a Telling Place

Often curated. Sometimes meticulously, sometimes as an afterthought.

Sometimes much effort is spent to look like none was at all.

Like outfits, rooms can be decorated to please ourselves or others. We might not admit it, but it’s usually somewhere in between.

Most don't like the thought of an “other” guiding their style.


Sometimes we recognize the imagined figure judging us. Other times it’s a faceless public, a feeling.


But generally we cannot escape the thought.

Unlike the clothes we wear, our rooms are more intimate; not inherently open to the public.

No matter what dictates our actions while hanging pictures or lights, over time, we have a way of impressing ourselves on a room.

We toss keys, clothes, bags, books -- wires writhe from preferred outlets.


Like an archeological dig, each detail is impregnanted with meaning. But the truth is not what you think at first glance.

When someone is stuck on our mind, we might picture them in their room.


But this is only a figment, more telling of what we want them to be than who they are.

A room is a canvas, taste and routine are the paint. Next year, 10 years, 50 years from now, it will be different. Perhaps no longer there at all.

But here, and now, this is who they reflect.

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